Ungenita Prevost

Billion Dollar Rolodex

Ungenita Prevost is the founder of Femme Global 500, a master networker, and one of the graduates of the Power + Presence + Position program. She developed an incredible body of work on the concept of the feminine principles of networking. Ungenita believes that networking should be more feminine, lucrative, and refined, and she helps women CEOs build their networks in an authentic and powerful way.

In the second part of my Feminist Business Credo series, Ungenita and I discuss why so many women entrepreneurs are scared of networking and what they’re missing out on when they don’t try it. Ungenita gives priceless advice for finding collaborators and shares how you can build a billion dollar rolodex just like hers. Find out how to have money making conversations and how to monetize your network from the woman who does it best.

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